Friday, October 1, 2010


Since I have hardly any photos of myself with my two little ones, I decided to step out from behind the camera last weekend and let my other half have a go at working the DSLR. He didn't do too badly actually. A few over-exposed shots that saw me looking like a ghost (delete, delete) but then he managed to snap a few little goodies.
With those extra kilos of baby weight still hanging on I can't say that I'm totally comfortable having my photo taken (which is probably why I hide behind the camera most of the time). But, I realise that my kiddies need photos with their mum as well so I am making an effort - once in a while!

4 sweet comments:

Little Pinwheel said...

beautiful! gosh you look amazing. I even thought that when I met you for the first time months ago. beautiful mummy! x

Lemon Cordial said...

Right back at you lovely!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely beautiful Kel-on the inside and outside. Please take more photos to share! Tiffxxx

Lemon Cordial said...

Thanks a bunch Tiff!


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