Saturday, September 25, 2010

Taste of Summer

Today seemed freakishly warm so we wandered down the road for some gelato. I am happy to say that I resisted the overwhelming urge to order myself a double scoop and instead managed to scoff some from my other half (pistachio and Tiramisu in case you're wondering. Double Yum!). Little Miss of course was not quite so generous. Can't say I blame her. The gelato was soooo good!!
Strolling home, we stopped at a neighbourhood playground so Little Miss could burn off some energy. Unfortunately the thongs she wore (against my advice but, oh well - live & learn) annoyed her to no end  but she persevered long enough to have a go on every piece of equipment at least a dozen times. I sat and watched. Don't think I was used to this sudden burst of Spring time heat.
Wasn't long before Little Miss also ran out of steam and ended up making her way home - on her Dad's shoulders. I, of course, was carrying the scooter, a few shopping bags and wheeling the pram. Isn't it funny how having kids makes you capable of defying the laws of physics? I am always amazed at how much I can carry without it landing in a heap on the ground.
Happy weekend everyone. Who else is enjoying the gorgeous Sydney sunshine?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Number 96

I can only hope to be this fabulous at 96! Even though she complains that she can't remember a thing,  she can still entertain the socks off my two little ones! Little Miss loves nothing more than a sing-a-long with her whilst the Little Man is absolutely fascinated with her white hair. Completely and utterly mesmerised in fact.

Last week they helped her celebrate her 96th birthday and I couldn't resist snapping a few (ok, more than a few) precious moments they shared.

My two little ones and their Great-Grandma.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Saturday. Spring.

Some pesky winter mould had wreaked havoc in our house so on Saturday I escaped with the two kiddies and left my other half to deal with the situation. Sun was shining, it was a perfect spring day and little Miss wanted to ride her scooter down to the local shops. Great idea. So I thought!
By the time we got to the end of the street I could tell she was exhausted so we ducked into the local Anime shop and after spotting a tiara that she wanted (and was told she couldn't have) I could sense that grey skies were closing in (of the 'Mum-I'm-too-tired-to-ride-my-scooter-home variety). Not want I wanted to hear. Especially since I had a quick trip to the supermarket I still needed to make. 
After heading off a tantrum I ended up trudging home with baby, Bugaboo, grocery bags (in Bugaboo), Little Miss on Bugaboo wheely-board (which I hate by the way. Makes walking for me so uncomfortable as it constantly slams into my feet) and scooter - also on Bugaboo. Sheesh!

And, after all that, the mould situation was still being treated (Little Miss's room was well hit) so we packed her up and sent her off to the in-laws for the night. 

Someone forgot to put the trunki in the car though...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The old me...

I want my old body back! 10 months into motherhood (second time round) and I'm struggling to lose those last few kg. I can't believe that when this photo was taken 7 years ago I actually thought I was fat! What on earth was I thinking (and what was I wearing)?!!

I still have those pants. They no longer fit but they are there in my wardrobe as a constant reminder of how I should have appreciated what I had at the time. Serves me right I suppose. To fit back into these I am really going to have to get movin' and ditch those snacks sitting in my kitchen cupboard at the moment (so long licorice bullets). This was the body I had for most of my twenties, before my metabolism saw the thirties coming and before growing two little humans (who were definitely worth the wait weight)!

I want this body back. It's 6kg away. I am giving myself till the end of Spring to find it again...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bad Babar

This little elephant came home with us from the library last week and all I can say is... Well, actually I was speechless for a while after reading it to be honest. I have read more books to kids in my career as a teacher than I care to remember but Babar is definitely one of those 'special' ones. See for yourself....
Looks harmless right? Nope, Babar should come with a warning: 'please do not operate heavy machinery or care for small children while under the influence of this elephant'. This page alone almost put me to sleep. 
Oh, I just hadn't the energy to keep track of these characters but I needn't have worried. Little Miss diverted my waning attention to this page. Now, apart from your traditional fairy tales, when do you ever see a nice little bit of violence thrown in to a kiddy book? Apparently when a certain monkey mistakes a dormant snake for a stick - an eye for an eye and all. Old lady biten = dead serpent. That monkey should have known better if you ask me.
Moving along, as I came to the end of the story it was clear that I needed to be paying more attention as there was a valuable lesson to be learnt. Never, ever, ever throw a lit match into an ashtray as it's guaranteed to hit the nearest flammable material (in this case, a waste paper basket) - and then you're really in trouble. See, there's always a moral to the story!
And, as I closed the book on little Babar (and hid it under the pile of other stories on the shelf) I was left with this image in my head. Now, I leave it with you...


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