Monday, September 20, 2010

Number 96

I can only hope to be this fabulous at 96! Even though she complains that she can't remember a thing,  she can still entertain the socks off my two little ones! Little Miss loves nothing more than a sing-a-long with her whilst the Little Man is absolutely fascinated with her white hair. Completely and utterly mesmerised in fact.

Last week they helped her celebrate her 96th birthday and I couldn't resist snapping a few (ok, more than a few) precious moments they shared.

My two little ones and their Great-Grandma.

3 sweet comments:

Little Pinwheel said...

those images are priceless. gorgeous. beautiful. wow. x


Thanks lovely!

All in a Daze said...

aww, The made me all teary... My Grandma turns 90 next Feb!!


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