Saturday, September 25, 2010

Taste of Summer

Today seemed freakishly warm so we wandered down the road for some gelato. I am happy to say that I resisted the overwhelming urge to order myself a double scoop and instead managed to scoff some from my other half (pistachio and Tiramisu in case you're wondering. Double Yum!). Little Miss of course was not quite so generous. Can't say I blame her. The gelato was soooo good!!
Strolling home, we stopped at a neighbourhood playground so Little Miss could burn off some energy. Unfortunately the thongs she wore (against my advice but, oh well - live & learn) annoyed her to no end  but she persevered long enough to have a go on every piece of equipment at least a dozen times. I sat and watched. Don't think I was used to this sudden burst of Spring time heat.
Wasn't long before Little Miss also ran out of steam and ended up making her way home - on her Dad's shoulders. I, of course, was carrying the scooter, a few shopping bags and wheeling the pram. Isn't it funny how having kids makes you capable of defying the laws of physics? I am always amazed at how much I can carry without it landing in a heap on the ground.
Happy weekend everyone. Who else is enjoying the gorgeous Sydney sunshine?

7 sweet comments:

Agoo Australia said...

What a lovely afternoon, thank you for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Melbourne put it on today too! I loved playing in the backyard (thats a lie, I sat and chatted to a friend while watching the kids play), and especially loved getting out of the house super early with the sun on my face! YAY! ICECREAM!

Love the last photo. Very calming.

Little Pinwheel said...

today was awesome! the swimmers were on. I went swimming, yes in the ocean. It was liberating. nice gelato; jealous. x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day! There are some things I really miss about Sydney, I'll have to make it down for a visit soon!
Love the photos Kellie :)


Oh Hayley how brave you are!

Heidi, good to hear that Melbourne turned on the charm as well.

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh love your blog! and the photo's.... I am hearing more and more about DSLR (everyone seems to have them) and judging by the great shots i think we may have t o get one! I love taking photo's. Loved the pics with great grandma (wow 96!!) and your family are lovely - such sweeties :-) kind regards

Jaclyn said...

how beautiful was the Sydney sun this weekend? bring on summer!


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