Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The old me...

I want my old body back! 10 months into motherhood (second time round) and I'm struggling to lose those last few kg. I can't believe that when this photo was taken 7 years ago I actually thought I was fat! What on earth was I thinking (and what was I wearing)?!!

I still have those pants. They no longer fit but they are there in my wardrobe as a constant reminder of how I should have appreciated what I had at the time. Serves me right I suppose. To fit back into these I am really going to have to get movin' and ditch those snacks sitting in my kitchen cupboard at the moment (so long licorice bullets). This was the body I had for most of my twenties, before my metabolism saw the thirties coming and before growing two little humans (who were definitely worth the wait weight)!

I want this body back. It's 6kg away. I am giving myself till the end of Spring to find it again...

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Mee a Bee said...

You're gorgeous now as you were then. Honestly I can't see how you've changed? If you want to lose weight, that's great, you do it for yourself.

I wanted to say how lucky you are to have such BEAUTIFUL skin!! You're in your thirties now and we've seen you without makeup, I would definitely have thought you were younger.

Toss those pants before you get tempted to try them on and then get caught wearing them a bit tight as I did last week. It was a truly horrifying day.

You are beautiful!


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