Saturday, October 2, 2010

8 years

I can't remember the last time I got flowers from my other half but our 8 year wedding anniversary this week seemed to do the trick. I picked him up from work on Tuesday afternoon and almost lost control of the car when I spotted them in his hands. To be honest, I had a feeling there might be flowers as we had nothing else planned in the way of celebration. I remember our anniversaries and the money we would spend on each other before we had kids. So different these days. Now, with me not working and limited babysitting options it was so much easier and less stressful to keep things as simple as possible. This year it was cards, flowers, our favourite Thai takeaway and a relaxing night in.
Oh, and as if 8 years of marriage didn't make me feel old enough, when I tried the upload a wedding photo from the dvd our photographer gave us, the disc was so old that neither one of our computers could open the images. Most of the photos are sitting in a huge album in our wardrobe anyway. Will have to dig it out and scan (that's right - scan) a few of them at some point. 

2 sweet comments:

mama bear said...

Happy Anniversary! I love getting flowers, and don't get them often either. Except recently, as Chris has befriended the local florist so I get scraps at the end of the day. I'm not complaining! xx

PS. gorgeous pics of your little one in the post below too.

Lemon Cordial said...

Thanks Anna!

My adorable cat has all but destroyed them now but they were lovely while they lasted.


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