Friday, October 8, 2010


This week I've been feeling guilty. Second-child syndrome guilty. I haven't documented his milestones (they're currently filed in my not-so reliable memory - bad idea), his toys are big-sister hand-me-downs (which he doesn't really play with anyway. He prefers to snatch and grab whatever's lying on Little Miss's bedroom floor) and I just realised I have no video footage of him whatsoever. He has been such a cruisy, relaxed baby from the moment he was born and he is a little piece of calm in what is often a whirlwind of chaos in our house.

Little man turns 1 next month, only 2 short weeks after his big sister's birthday. I have been planning her big day but not his. Someone suggested combining the celebrations but I could not even think about doing that. This little man needs to have something that's his. A special day for him alone, even if it's just a homemade cake and family dinner. Apparently he wants a rocket cake (according to Little Miss) so that's what it will be. Chocolate rocket cake. And he'll have the first piece. I'll, of course, have the camera ready...

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Blossom Books said...

I have totally the same issues with my number 2! Thankfully, their birthdays are months apart, so I can get my head around that, but I filled out his First Year Book during his second year. :-(
I put it down to the fact that number 1 son is so much more able to make himself (and his needs) quite forcefully known, so it often comes down to who is yelling the loudest as to who gets dealt with first...

Tash S said...

Hi ! I really enjoy reading your blog, and seeing facebook updates for mmh.
I can totally understand what your saying ! My new little one is 6 months old now. My eldest will be 4 in April. Their birthday's are 8 days apart...
Poor Ellie has had hardly any photos or videos yet. Georgie, my eldest, had loads and loads by now.
I think as well Georgie had very very very bad reflux and ear problems up till she was about 11 months, Ellie is the calmest, easy, laid back little thing ..I just don't feel like I give her the same amount of attention that I did to Georgie ..but she seems happy and healthy :)
I went back to work again 2 months ago, so guilt, guilt everywhere !!!
But...hey we all do what we have to do to get by right ? :)
Anyways, thanks for posting it's nice to hear I'm not alone !!

I heart handmade said...

Oh ladies, so good to hear I'm not the only one!


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