Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cabin fever

Anyone else wondering what on earth has happened to Spring? We had a serious dose of cabin fever yesterday as the rain set in and I made the bold decision not to venture out. Nothing particularly exciting happened, just a bit of crazy chaos I thought I'd share with you all.

Starting with a tub of wet laundry that was up-ended before it had the chance to make it to the line. Little Man rummaged through the mess. Little Miss grabbed her Dad's undies from the pile and tried them on. Every. Single. Pair.

With 'fundie' time soon over, Little Miss followed up with some reading time in her room. Actually, I did the reading while she screamed at her little brother to get his hands of her books. Story time was moved from the floor to the bed, away from busy little hands that wanted to shred pages rather than read them. 
So while we continued reading, Little man spent some happy time rummaging through his sister's toy kitchen and terrorising the cat. Yes, there are smiles in these photos but they were quickly followed by tears after his encounter with our cranky feline. 
Some light at the end of the tunnel in the afternoon when we took our cabin fever over to my neighbour's place. Funnily enough, I put in an SOS call to her that morning but she was out and about. I think she sensed my desperation. Amazing what a change of scenery can do, don't you think? With a couple of other neighbourhood kiddies added to the mix the afternoon was surprisingly calm and peaceful (as much as it gets anyway when little ones are involved). 
Tomorrow, ballet and hopefully some sunshine that lasts for more than 5 minutes. 

3 sweet comments:

All in a daze.. said...

I feel your frustration. We live in Auckland and the weather is more unpredictable then usual.

Love your blogs BTW

Kellie {Lemon Cordial} said...

Oh, I know Auckland weather well. I have family over there and whenever we visit I pack 4 seasons worth of clothing!

Peta said...

Sounds exactly like my house except the sticky little fingers trying to tear pages out of Sienna's books belong to Evangeline! Bring on the warm weather!


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