Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long weekend

Strolling through Summer Hill on Saturday we found a cute little cafe with a gorgeous courtyard. Little man spent most of the time staring in fascination at the painted brickwork on the wall while the little Miss absolutely amazed me with how well-behaved and patient she was. Waiting over 25 mins for a piece of banana bread is no mean feat for a pre-schooler! Since I was totally unprepared with nothing to keep her amused I love the way she just sat there and chatted away about whatever was running through that 'almost 4 year old' mind of hers. You know when you have one of those moments that reminds you of just how much your little one has grown? This was one of those moments.

3 sweet comments:

Mrs Chicken said...

cute :) loving your blog, and your pics are great :)

Little Pinwheel said...

beautiful weekend! there is nothing like a latte and some giggles. xx

Kellie {Lemon Cordial} said...

Thanks Mrs Chicken!

Hayley, I resisted the coffee can you believe it? Eyed off Kenn's latte instead!


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