Friday, August 27, 2010

Welcome to my world!


Introductions are always a little tricky don't you think? Since I have absolutely no clue where to start (and don't want to bore you with mindless facts about myself - at least not to begin with anyway) I thought I'd simply share a couple of pics from my local 'hood. A fav little cafe of mine and the gorgeous bay where my little miss loves to ride her scooter (on the footpath obviously - not in the water). 

3 sweet comments:

Bec Watts | Yummy Mummies said...

nice to meet you =P

Kleanne said...

Is that Trovatino!? They have the best Italian hot chocolate there! Thick and rich..yummo!
Love the name of the new blog Kellie. Looking forward to the read xox


Nice to meet you too lovely Bec ;)

Kleanne, it sure is! Will have to catch up for a hot choc soon.


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