Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday bliss

Nothing like the excitement of a birthday - even if it's not yours! A card was carefully picked out (oh lordy it was sooooo 'old school' that I found myself repeating "is that the one you want to get for Dad?" over and over again). Messages were written - she spoke, I scribed ('I love you Daddy. And I love fairies. Happy Birthday').

The rest of the day was spent baking, decorating, re-decorating, tasting, sampling, touching, checking and re-checking the chocolate cake she made for her Dad. Seriously, you'd think we'd never baked before the way she obsessed over today's little chocolate creation. Between her and the cat eyeing it off all day I am amazed that the cake actually made it to the table in one piece. But, it did and little Miss was kind enough to share the candle-blowing with her Dad. Mind you, she still tried to polish off his slice once hers was finished!

2 sweet comments:

Niki said...

Ah - no wonder he didn't want to share his cake today at work - I had no idea it was his birthday yesterday - whoops!


Think it had something to do with denial about how old he is getting. Look carefully and you'll see be able to spot some grey hairs Niki!


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