Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Year, New Pre-school

My apologies if you've already read this over at my other blog. I am doing some major blog cheating today!

So, in addition to moving into a new house this year, Miss Poppy also started at a new preschool. Last week was her first day and there was lots of 'I don't want to go', 'I like my old pre-school' going on for days before D Day (or P day should that be?). My teacher brain knew that kids are extremely adaptable but my Mummy brain was having a major attack of the guilts. Just look at that face as she's standing outside the gates scoping it all out. Aargh, major tug on the heartstrings moment there!
Once she was through those gates though it all turned around in an instant. One of the reasons we chose this pre-school for Poppy was because of the fabulous staff and their approach to Early Childhood Education. Poppy instantly warmed to them and was soon in the yard testing out all the equipment.
There were no tears when I left , just a huge smile on that sweet little face of hers.

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